The BIG Zoo


Visit a BIG Zoo!

See animals behind-the-scenes in their habitats and watch zookeepers care for them.
Discover why Zebras have stripes & why flamingoes are pink! Learn about the food chain and endangered species.
Experience feeding day at the Reptile House, a visit to the Zoo Hospital and the nation’s #1 interactive Children’s Zoo!

Recommended for: KIDS 3-10 (and their parents!)
Running time: Approx 50 minutes
Format: Digital download
Dolby Digital 5.1 and Stereo Audio | Wide-Screen and Standard Video

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“As a special educator, I found this to be an excellent way of preparing my high school disabled students for our trip to the zoo. The pace, graphics and overall presentation was excellent and well-suited for any special ed class or elementary class. I thought the video was very comprehensive as it not only showed what a day would be like going to the zoo, but also showed “behind the scenes activities”. The special bonus was especially fun for all of us. Truly an exceptional video for young students and those with special needs.”

Visit a BIG Zoo!

See lions, tigers, rhinos, emus, snakes and more! Learn why zebras have stripes, why flamingoes are pink, what polar bears do for fun and much, much more. Experience feeding day at the Reptile House, a visit to the Zoo Hospital and meet all the people who make the Big Zoo work.

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