LMM Begins Production of THE NEW BIG PLANE TRIP!

Little Mammoth The New Big Plane Trip THE NEW BIG PLANE TRIP is a live-action video adventure that will take young audiences on an exciting journey from Atlanta to London in a Delta Air Lines jet. This latest program in Little Mammoth Media’s award-winning BIG Adventure Series® has just begun principal photography in Atlanta with plans to film at two of the world’s busiest airports.

THE NEW BIG PLANE TRIP will introduce the many people who work behind-the-scenes to make an international flight possible. Little Mammoth crews will film Delta pilots, flight attendants, maintenance crews, and the many dedicated people who make it happen. Like the rest of the series, it will be told from a child’s perspective, with young narrators to guide the trip.

The program will showcase operations rarely viewed by the general public. The production team will film at Delta’s expansive operation at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, including such locations as the giant flight kitchens, the Technical Operations Center, the flight simulators, and much more. Filming in London will highlight the activity at London’s Heathrow Airport. As a special bonus, there will be a child’s tour of London!

THE NEW BIG PLANE TRIP will be the nineteenth episode of in the award-winning BIG Adventure Series®. Past episodes have focused on such exciting topics as the launching of the Space Shuttle, the operations of the USA Today newspaper, the building of a Mercedes automobile, and the action onboard a US Navy Aircraft Carrier, to name just a few.

Little Mammoth Media programs have won dozens of awards and have been distributed around the world. Videos are available on DVD, digital download and streaming directly from the Little Mammoth web site, amazon.com, YouTube, Vimeo, as well as specialty and educational retailers.

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Little Mammoth Media programs really make a difference. They have won dozens of international awards including Parent’s Choice Awards (considered the Oscar of children’s media), Kids First! Endorsements, CINE Golden Eagles, and International Monitor Awards. The series is available on DVD from select retailers, or direct download from Little Mammoth.

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