A LOOK BACK: Shooting The BIG Submarine

Onboard a US Coast Guard Icebreaker for The BIG Freeze!

The following are some observations from a shoot for the upcoming Little Mammoth Media® production, The BIG Freeze.   It was 9 degrees and still dark when I pulled up on the US Coast Guard dock in St. Ignace, MI. Our icebreaker, USCGC Biscayne Bay was quiet, as the crew arrived and parked their cars….


The BIG Breakfast

On location filming Little Mammoth’s latest production, The BIG Breakfast
On-Location Notebook, by Monique Tobin, Associate Producer


The Howrigan Family Dairy Farm, Fairfield, Vermont
A pink Vermont sunrise with a bright moon over hills tinged with Autumn. The cows are lowing in their stalls at 5 AM, soon to be corralled into the line-up for milking. The air is chilled and we’re glad for our gloves as we walk out into the early October morning. Read More