SEPTEMBER 2014 — THE BIG BREAKFAST, the latest release from Little Mammoth Media’s The BIG Adventure Series®, has been awarded the coveted Kids First! Endorsement.

The Kids First! Endorsement is given by Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, a national organization founded in 1991 whose mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s media.

The reviewer says: “This film is well produced with realistic looking sets and locations. It shows real people in real, every day attire who are not simply actors playing a role.
This would make a lovely resource for teachers of young children or a home library for a thoughtful parent. We recommend it!”

The full endorsement and reviews can be seen here:

THE BIG BREAKFAST is a live-action adventure that takes kids from the pineapple fields of Hawaii to the maple forests of Quebec to see how a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, fruit, orange juice and milk all comes together.

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Little Mammoth Media programs really make a difference. They have won dozens of international awards including Parent’s Choice Awards (considered the Oscar of children’s media), Kids First! Endorsements, CINE Golden Eagles, and International Monitor Awards. The series is available on DVD from select retailers, or direct download from Little Mammoth.

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